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Kooty Key - Green

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Brand: Kooty Key


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Kooty Key Hands Free Utility Tool- Green Kooty Key is equipped to help the user avoid touching other public devices such as various key pads on gas pumps, ATM’s, elevators, retail checkout payment pads, etc. The black rubber tip on the Kooty Key is designed to help you avoid touching these highly used public devices. The Kooty Key is an additional weapon in your daily arsenal to fight germ warfare. It’s light weight and made with a hardened plastic material that allows you to pull doors with various weight loads. It is made to fit on your key ring. As the Flu and Cold Season comes each year and germs continue to mutate we need to be equipped with all possible tools that allow us to stay focused on living a healthy life for not only ourselves, but our family, friends and co-workers. The Kooty Key is a low cost option to help battle against your daily exposure to germs. The Kooty Key can also be used as a handicap assist devise for the same purposes. It can allow those who do not have the ability to open doors, or find it is difficult to grip a door the freedom to now open that door. It also allows individuals who don’t have the ability to point or push buttons the ability to push key pad buttons. Also, if you are on crutches or walker of any sort, it can allow you to hold a shopping bag or any looped handled bag while maintain full control of your crutches. The Kooty Key has Anti-Microbrial properties thus germs and micro-organisms won’t adhere to it.

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Brand Kooty Key

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