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Punch Box Party Game - Mystery Prize

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Brand: Punch Box


Quick Overview


What is the PUNCH BOX?

It is an interactive party game that creates an element of mystery and surprise which appeals to both kids and adults alike. The allure of
the PUNCH BOX is not knowing what is hidden behind each opening. The use of the PUNCH BOX and what it contains is totally up to you!  While the only limitations to the use of the PUNCH BOX is your imagination, we do provide some ideas through our website and Facebook to stimulate your creativity.

How does the PUNCH BOX work?

The party host, fills the PUNCH BOX compartments with whatever party favors, gifts or surprises she/he wants their guests to claim.  The host then explains the rules of the game which determines what each person will have to do to get their opportunity to "punch" an opening. It can be as simple as taking turns punching the box starting from youngest to oldest.  Or in can be used as a game within a game, where each person has to do something to earn his/her chance to punch the box. YOU DECIDE!

What makes the PUNCH BOX special?

The PUNCH BOX can be used at ANY PARTY, ANY TIME OF YEAR and at virtually ANY LOCATION.  It is also a safe and organized way to engage your party's guests without any risks of injuries that typically occur during the use of a piñata which parents are all too familiar with. In addition, the game can be set up so that every participant gets to play and win which helps to avoid any emotional meltdowns that can ruin the party atmosphere.  The PUNCH BOX is also REUSEABLE!  Unlike piñata's, the PUNCH BOX can be enjoyed multiple times throughout the year.  All you need to do is remove and replace the PUNCH BOX re-fillable insert and you are ready for the next party. 

While the PUNCH BOX it is a unique and creative way to distribute party favors and gifts, the fun does not stop there.  The PUNCH BOX has also been used as target game where kids compete to see how many nerf darts, bean bags, or balls they can get to land inside the box. The PUNCH BOX has also been used to create an inexpensive carnival game.  The holes can be filled with weighted bottles such that it is converted into a ring toss game.


Dimensions: 24"x24"x5"
Weight: 2lbs 9oz

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Brand Punch Box

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